Healing Fibromyalgia and Other Chronic Pain Naturally

It doesn’t seem like it has been ten years since I was diagnosed with an “incurable” chronic pain disorder, fibromyalgia.

As a physician, like so many of my colleagues, I was stressed, but I didn’t think for a moment that I would succumb to such a debilitating disorder.  It was a humbling experience, mostly because I knew that the drugs and treatments available for chronic pain were inadequate and that most of my patients with this disorder became fully or partially disabled.

Being stubborn (and desperate), I quickly stopped the chronic pain medication and anti-depressants I was taking to “treat” my condition. They were giving me side effects including insomnia and brain fog.  Few of the drug based choices did anything for my chronic pain symptoms, which made me feel like a 90 year old arthritic woman.

Having been trained as a physician acupuncturist, I knew I had to rely on non-traditional healing methods to relieve my constant chronic pain. Since acupuncturing myself was impractical if not impossible, I drove two hours a week to see the nearest acupuncturist. From that point forward, I was introduced into the world of Energy Medicine beyond acupuncture.

Fast forward ten years.  Through tons of personal and professional experience, I put most of what I know about healing chronic pain into a book, Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – A Holistic Approach. People must really be looking for alternatives to surgery, pills, and drugs because it became an Amazon Kindle bestseller in less than a week.

One of the most important concepts I share in the book is the importance of Brain Balance in the healing process.That’s the concept I want to share with you today.

Simply put, there are two modes that your nervous system can be in: “stress” mode or “healing” mode. The healing mode is what I call Brain Balance. That occurs when the left and right sides of your brain are communicating well with each other and when your nervous system can be relaxed most of the time. Unfortunately, for many of us, our nervous systems are stuck in “stress” mode and we don’t even know it. When you’re stuck in “stress” mode, your body can’t self-heal very efficiently. You can be eating 100% organic and doing yoga all day long, but if your brain is stuck in this mode, you’ll be spinning your wheels.

In the “old days” (about 30 years ago), acupuncture was very effective at returning our brains back to a balanced state. Not so in today’s modern world!  Why?  Because we have environmental toxins that disturb the delicate balance of our nervous systems. Whether these toxins are food additives, GMO foods, chemically laden household cleaners, toxic beauty products, paint or electromagnetic fields, it is near-impossible to avoid them.

There is a simple muscle (also called applied kinesiology) test that you can learn to test someone else’s brain balance. You can learn this from my YouTube video below.  You can also test yourself but it is a little trickier because it takes a lot of practice to get good at it.


Symptoms of an out of whack brain balance include:

  • trouble sleeping through the night and inability to dream
  • irritability, mood swings, short temper, anxiety, depression
  • brain fog or memory issues
  • frequent headaches
  • clumsiness
  • chronic pain
  • chronic fatigue
  • slow healing

There are many ways to get your brain back into balance if you discover you have some or all of these symptoms or you fail the brain balance test in the video.  I’ve mentioned several in my book, including Dr. John Diamond’s positive affirmations, yogic breathing, subtle energy products and Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s brain balancing music, but my favorite has to be the clinically tested Y-Age Aeon acupuncture patches.

I pioneered the use of these infrared phototherapy patches over specific acupuncture points on the head or neck to help quickly re-balance the nervous system. The results tend to be lightning fast – as quick as a few seconds for some folks and up to two weeks in others with daily use. For a free download of my brain balancing protocol, go to www.patchtrainingteam.com.

In addition to relieving stress through brain balancing, the Y-Age Aeon patches also are a fantastic way to decrease inflammation and relieve chronic pain. As you can see in the images below, this phototherapy patch quickly decreases inflammation as shown in the thermographic photo (red and purple denote “hot” areas of inflammation) within just a few minutes of application (notice the color change indicating a cooling effect).


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