6 things you should know if someone close to you has fibromyalgia.

It is a syndrome characterized by generalized pain and fatigue that does not diminish, a condition that is increasing, a disabling disease that is not recognized as such. An invisible disease that is little understood by the people who surround those who suffer it.

We present 10 points that you should know if you know someone with this disease:

  1. Although it looks great today, remember that pain is something intimate and each person feels it differently, you can not judge someone’s pain by their image or appearance.
  2. It is not a matter of will, people with fibromyalgia strive every day to perform their activities with endless pain and fatigue. Do not think he does not try hard to feel good.
  3. When chatting, have tolerance if you forget or change the words. A significant percentage of people with fibromyalgia have a learning disability, this being the cause of the problems to follow a conversation and find the right words to express themselves.
  4. If you cancel an appointment or a commitment, be patient. People with fibromyalgia have low energy and various situations beyond them or the nature of the disease can unleash crises that prevent the development of their daily lives.
  1. The energy of these people ends quickly and rest can not recover, fatigue is typical of his life. If you share a space with someone with fibromyalgia, avoid generating more work and stress, share the tasks.
  2. Remember that any illness is more bearable with solidarity, if you are a relative or friend try to get involved in your medical appointments, therapies or activities. Get informed in serious places and with scientific bases. Fibromyalgia does not cure.
  3. By living in the uncertainty of pain the self-confidence is lost, the person who has fibromyalgia needs those around him to encourage him to return to be independent.
  4. Do not despair if sadness invades you from nothing. The life of people with fibromyalgia changed from the disease, the symptoms generate that anxiety or depression may be recurrent.
  5. Do not criticize its weight. People with fibromyalgia gain weight, due to lack of sleep there is a reduction in metabolism, being a central nervous system problem the body does not metabolize properly and there may be storage of fat. This accompanied by exhaustion that makes it very difficult to practice a sport that allows you to burn the calories needed to maintain weight.
  6. Pain is not the same as suffering, people with fibromyalgia lead a life accompanied by pain, solidarity and understanding of their illness can help them..




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