8 things people with fibromyalgia should stop doing

8 choses que les gens souffrant de fibromyalgie doivent cesser de ...

When I was first diagnosed, I felt that amitriptyline would resolve my sleep problems, which would relieve me of my fibromyalgia symptoms.

 Focus on your needs – If you have any sort of chronic debilitating condition, you need to prioritize your own needs. Even if you are the healthiest person on the planet, you should not leave your needs forgotten.

 Stop spending time with the wrong people. – If someone adds stress to your life, that stress makes you sick. Remove stress by removing that person. You may not be able to eliminate them completely, but you can choose to avoid them when possible.

Stop trying to be there for everyone. – The ability to say “No” is very weak. Too often, those of us with fibromyalgia may be unable to say “no”, feeling guilty when we cannot say “yes”. We cannot be there for everyone.

Stop lying to yourself. – You’re sick, admit it. You are not feeling well. Someone else asks and you say “I’m fine”, but it’s not the truth. It is not the truth when you say it to them and it is certainly not the truth when you say it to yourself.

Stop wasting time explaining to others. – Most people don’t care enough about you to care about your illness or why you can’t do what you can’t do. Just say “no” and go ahead. Don’t try to explain why you can’t do it, because they’re probably not listening anyway.

Stop living in the past. – Stop trying to re-reach the standards of living you had before your illness.

Stop berating yourself for old mistakes. – Guilt and blame are our constant friends. Stop blaming yourself for things you have done in the past (or things you wish you had done). It’s in the past, let it go and move on. Again, focus on what you can do in the future.


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