Oriflame Feminelle Wash: Intimate & Nurturing Cream

How to use Oriflame Feminelle Wash
How to use Oriflame Feminelle Wash
Oriflame Feminelle wash is an intimate gel that cleanse and also cares for your skin while protecting you against odor and any discomfort.

Hygiene is an issue that all women agree on, mainly when it is about personal hygiene. Ladies’ hygiene is an issue when making use of restrooms in public. Many ladies contract UTI due to the use of unclean toilets in public. Don’t be concerned, the Feminelle Soothing Intimate Wash by Oriflame can help you in such instances. Let’s take a look at this product.

What is Oriflame?

Oriflame is a leading social selling beauty company which offer a wide range of high quality beauty products and also provide an opportunity for you to start your own business.

What is Oriflame Feminelle Intimate Wash

Oriflame’s Feminelle Wash Cream is used in intimate areas for ladies for many reasons. It is a rinse off, it can give relief in itching(under arms & legs). It is best used in treating infections and preventing bad odors from your private parts.

Therefore the Feminelle wash is an Extra mild intimate wash that cleanse and also cares for your skin while protecting you against odor and any discomfort.

Oriflame Feminelle Intimate Wash Description

oriflame feminelle wash description
oriflame feminelle wash

Different Feminelle products formulated for ladies of different age gaps, commencing with intimate hygiene routines & desiring a gentle, intimate-care formulation. More details from Oriflame.

This daily intimate wash combined with wild pansy extract for its extra mild property. Gently refreshes & cares for your private areas.

This pleasantly scented, silky-textured gel product is easy to use: simply lather with water, cleanse & wash off.

Lactic acid and a prebiotic mixture helps ensure the optimal pH balance for protection & health of the private parts.

Suitable for daily use or as often as needed, and during menstruation.

Dermatologically & gynaecologically tested, biodegradable formulation.

Ingredients of the Feminelle Wash

oriflame feminelle wash ingredients
oriflame feminelle wash ingredients

Wild Pansy Extract

The product is gentle and delicate in nature, known to contain beneficial components to help nourish the skin. It is also rich in substances that soothe and help protect skin against damages.

Lactic Acid

This helps in achieving optimal pH balance for protection and also inhibits presence and growth of unfavorable micro-flora.

Prebiotic Ingredient

Supports for the growth of favorable micro-flora in the intimate microbiome. Supports the skin’s natural defenses.

Oriflame Feminelle Product Catalogue

  • Protecting Intimate Wash Cranberry
  • Oriflame Feminelle Soothing Intimate Wash Aloe Vera & Mallow
  • Oriflame Feminelle Teens Gentle Intimate Wash Wild Pansy
  • Oriflame Feminelle Extra Comfort Nurturing Intimate Cleansing Cream Calendula

What are the Applications of Oriflame Feminelle Intimate Wash

You can use the Oriflame Feminelle Intimate & Nurturing Washing product;

  • Delivery: If you just had a baby
  • Monthly Period: If you are on your Period or you just finished
  • Infections: If you are suffering from Yeast Infection
  • Intercourse: If engaging in intimacy hurts
  • Private Part Odor: If you are experiencing bad odor from your intimate areas
  • Intercourse Fluid: If you want more arousal fluid
  • Bad Intercourse: If you want to clean your vagina of bad intercourse or evil boyfriend

The Oriflame Intimate washing gel product for your private areas should come in handy for any of the above listed challenges.

How to Use Oriflame Feminelle Intimate Wash

  1. Get your vulva wet with water and rub a small amount of Feminelle intimate Wash onto your hands. Clean only the outer part of your private area. The vagina (the hollow) can clean itself. So do not douche!
  2. Make sure to wash your intimates at least once daily using the Feminelle Intimate gel. If you’re experiencing your period, ensure you pass your intimates twice a day with the Feminelle Intimate Wash
  3. Do not use gloves or sponges. Using your hands and the intimate gel Feminelle wash is enough.
  4. Always make use of an easy-drying towel
  5. Use the Feminelle intimate wash to cleanse your private areas before and after a sexual encounter. People who have discovered the wonders of this product are taking theirs now, don’t get left out.

Benefits of Oriflame Feminelle Wash

The company claims these personal care products are soap-free and formulated with natural lactic acid that can restore your body’s pH balance and strengthen your body’s natural defense against irritations. It contains pink hibiscus extracts to keep you clean and fresh throughout the day.

This soft Wash is packed with wild pansy extract, renowned for its gentle properties. It gently softens, nourishes and soothes the intimate areas.

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