What s That Smell Food Fitness Family

what s that smell food fitness family
what s that smell food fitness family
What s That Smell Food Fitness Family game is not just about smelling, it also adds fitness elements into the gameplay for good health.

What s That Smell Food Fitness Family is a delightful and interactive game designed to teach children aged 3-8 about the fascinating world of scents. Developed by an occupational therapist with her son and students in mind. This captivating board game combines food, fitness, and family fun to create an enjoyable learning experience for kids. With its simple rules and exciting gameplay. What’s That Smell Food Fitness Family is the perfect choice for family gatherings and playtime!

What s That Smell Food Fitness Family Gameplay and Learning

The game comes with 6 scent sticks, 24 picture cards, and easy-to-follow instructions. Players take turns spinning the die and moving their pawns around the board. When they land on a “smell space,” they pick up one of the tempting scent sticks and savor its fragrance. The real challenge begins when players have to match the scents with the corresponding picture cards on the board, encouraging sensory exploration and descriptive skills.

Family Bonding and Joyful Moments

What s That Smell Food Fitness Family brings families closer together through shared laughter, friendly competition, and interactive play. As kids and adults take turns guessing the scents, they create cherished memories and strengthen the bonds within the family. This game offers a unique opportunity for parents and children to learn and grow together in a fun-filled environment.

What s That Smell Food Fitness Family: The Power of Smell

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we possess. It can evoke memories, stir emotions, and even influence our physical responses, such as increased salivation or heart rate. Through “What’s That Smell Food Fitness Family,” players gain a deeper understanding of the significance of smells in our daily lives.

Exploring Olfactory Sensations

Odorants, the chemicals responsible for scents, are detected by receptors in the nasal cavity’s mucus membranes. This triggers nerve impulses to the brain, allowing us to interpret and identify smells. The game opens up conversations about individual differences in smelling abilities and how our sense of smell contributes to our perception of flavors.

Smell and Healthy Eating

The game introduces players to the aromas of different foods, inspiring curiosity and enthusiasm for healthy eating. By associating pleasant scents with nutritious foods. What s That Smell Food Fitness Family fosters positive attitudes towards wholesome choices and encourages kids to explore a variety of flavors.

What s That Smell Food Fitness Family: Fitness Fun

What’s That Smell Food Fitness Family isn’t just about smelling; it also incorporates fitness elements into the gameplay. Players engage in physical activity as they move around the board, making the game an excellent way to add active play to family time.

Surprisingly, a strong sense of smell may contribute to weight gain due to increased temptation from delicious aromas. For those on a weight loss journey, the game emphasizes the importance of mental training to resist unhealthy food temptations and embrace the scents of nutritious dishes.

Health Benefits of Strong-Smelling Foods:

The game sheds light on the health benefits of foods with robust aromas, particularly those containing sulfur compounds like onions and cruciferous vegetables. These compounds have been linked to potentially preventing certain cancers and promoting overall well-being.


“What’s That Smell Food Fitness Family” is a fantastic combination of education, bonding, and fun for families. With its focus on scents, healthy eating, and physical activity, this game offers a holistic approach to family entertainment. Gather your loved ones, embark on this sensory adventure, and create lasting memories while discovering the joys of smells and flavors together.

By combining sensory experiences with physical activity. The game encourages players to embrace their senses and enjoy the journey of discovery. Whether you’re a parent looking to introduce healthy eating habits to your children or simply seeking a new way to bond with loved ones. What s That Smell Food Fitness Family promises an enriching experience that will leave everyone craving more family time. So, gather your loved ones, put on those blindfolds, and prepare to embark on a flavorful adventure together.

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